Natural Chemistry Launches New Product: Pool Perfect Total

DEC. 22, 2015

NORWALK, CT – December 22, 2015​ – Natural Chemistry® announces the launch of Pool Perfect® Total™, a highly concentrated revolutionary product designed to cater to the needs of today’s busy pool owners.

With over 26 years of experience, Natural Chemistry continues to lead the way by announcing the next generation of enzyme product called Pool Perfect Total. Pool Perfect Total is designed to triple clean for a perfect pool. The first step involves naturally based enzymes that work to break down non-living organic waste that builds up in the filter and plumbing lines. By continuously cleaning the filter, enzymes reduce the frequency with which filters need to be cleaned. Enzymes also break down much of a pool’s non-living organic waste before it has a chance to form a scum line, therein reducing scrubbing of the tile line. The second cleaning component in Pool Perfect Total is phosphate removal. By reducing unwanted phosphate contamination, this product also reduces time and effort needed to maintain the pool. The final touch to this cleaning trio is advanced clarification. Pool Perfect Total polishes the water so it sparkles like never before!

"Natural Chemistry is committed to providing cutting edge technologies and leading the way in innovation with high performance products. The launch of Pool Perfect Total is an example of this commitment," says Kate Thielscher, President of Natural Chemistry L.P.

About Natural Chemistry L.P.

Natural Chemistry has been in business since 1989 when it pioneered the use of naturally based enzymes in swimming pools and spas. As the leader in specialty water care, Natural Chemistry’s mission is to create, develop and deliver exceptional products to improve the pool and spa experience.

To learn more about Natural Chemistry, please contact:

Jamie Novak
Brand Manager
(800) 753-1233

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