NC Brands Acquires Coral Seas, the Industry’s Best Kept Secret

OCT. 19, 2017

NC Brands, parent company of Natural Chemistry, SeaKlear, Pro Series and Red Leopard products, continues to grow its portfolio of industry-leading brands.

The acquisition of Coral Seas (maker of Yellow Out and Green to Clean) was completed this summer. Known for unique high-performance problem solving abilities, Coral Seas products work well with the rest of the NC Brands range.

In fact, many of our existing dealers already promote the products together. They start by recommending Green to Clean® or Yellow Out® to be used prior to shock treatment with an EPA-registered chlorinating compound that kills green & mustard algae. Dealers then follow up by recommending Natural Chemistry’s Pool First Aid or SeaKlear’s Chitosan Clarifier for dead algae clean-up. Within hours, the Coral Seas program can transform a green pool to sparkling blue and NC Brands’ products will help to keep it that way.

Another reason the addition of Green to Clean and Yellow Out to the NC Brands family is important is that these products perform great in the “modern pool.” Many pools these days are using salt chlorine generators and/or have a plaster finish. Both of these conditions can create a higher pH in pool water (especially new plaster), which happens to be the ideal condition in which Coral Seas products work. The recommended pH level is 7.8 or higher for optimum performance. This is totally opposite of most traditional algae treatment methods which require a lower pH for chlorine to be more efficient. Green to Clean and Yellow Out are also not affected by higher levels of cyanuric acid. As we have all seen over the years, the use of stabilized chlorine has caused cyanuric acid levels to steadily increase. It’s not uncommon for a pool with algae to have way too high of a cyanuric acid level which, in turn, inhibits the performance of the chlorine used to treat the bloom.

The magic of Coral Seas products:

  • offer a solution for stubborn to treat algae blooms when used prior to shocking with an EPA-registered chlorinating compound that kills green & mustard algae
  • typically see results in 24 hours
  • work at a rate of 2lbs per 15,000 gallons of pool water (see label for complete instructions)
  • round out the NC Brands algae treatment programs

As mentioned above, these new additions work as great partners to both Natural Chemistry and SeaKlear specialty pool products. Depending on the circumstances of the pool, you can offer your customers a choice on how to remove dead algae once the pool has been treated. For customers with higher chlorine readings or service routes that need to treat the water with both products on the same day, SeaKlear Chitosan Clarifier can be added at a rate of 1 ounce per 10,000 gallons of pool water. For pools with a lower chlorine reading (under 5ppm), Pool First Aid can be added to break down dead algae at a rate of 1 capful per 2,000 gallons of water.

As a leader in specialty pool water care, this acquisition allows our customers a stronger arsenal from which they can choose to treat swamp-like swimming pools. Contact your local NC Brands rep to try Green to Clean and Yellow Out on your toughest pools, and you will see firsthand the magic of Coral Seas technology!

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