Natural Chemistry Acquires SeaKlear

MAY. 09, 2016

Norwalk, CT (May 9, 2016)​ — Natural Chemistry L.P. has reached an agreement to acquire the assets of the SeaKlear business, a division of HaloSource, Inc. in a deal expected to close in May 2016. SeaKlear is a well-known brand to the pool and spa industry having first introduced its products in the mid 1980's.

"We are delighted to add the SeaKlear range of products to Natural Chemistry, and to offer our customers a choice between two great brands," said Mark Munford, CEO. Kate Thielscher, President of Natural Chemistry, added “SeaKlear, like Natural Chemistry, has a strong record of innovation and this is one of the things that appealed to us about the SeaKlear business."

Martin Coles, CEO of HaloSource, added, "We see this transaction as a real win-win. It allows the SeaKlear business to flourish under the sales and distribution reach of Natural Chemistry while allowing HaloSource to focus on the many exciting opportunities we have in growing our drinking water purification business, which is already helping to provide clean, safe water to more than 10 million people around the world."

Natural Chemistry L.P. has been in business since the late 1980's when it pioneered the use of naturally based enzymes in swimming pools and spas. As the leader in specialty pool water care, Natural Chemistry's mission is to create, develop and deliver exceptional products to improve the swimming pool experience. The company is committed to providing cutting edge technology and leading the way in innovation with high performance products.

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